young eyes ignite

Allison. Cat mom, style blogger, part-time wood nymph.
I stumbled on to your blog today and you are an instant inspiration! I love your hair and tattoos and floral love. Sending abundant good vibes your way!

Floral love forever! Thank you so very much, you’re too kind!

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favourite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better so give it a go, for the sake of spreading positivity!

Awww, thanks lovely! 

1. I’m very sincere.
2. I like my small chest. Yep, said it.
3. I’m good with animals. 
4. I can write a fierce metaphor.
5. I take my passions very seriously.